ERA expert study
on future of everything that make sense

Dear experts, welcome to ERA questionnaire!

We are full of passion to map islands of thoughts about the future.

But without your opinion it can't come true.

That's why we ask you to participate in new model
of AI-driven collaborative data modelling.

We will ask you to share your opinions, sort and prioritize them
on our platform. Then we'll make beautiful analytics
which will help us together map the vision of future.

We believe it will help us together to guide humanity to the better future.

Sincerely yours,

University for the Planet team


Join in 3 steps:
Share ideas
You write 5-7 distinct, clear and easily comprehensible answers for 1 question.
Group ideas
Distribute your and other experts
ideas into meaningful groups
Prioritize ideas
Give ideas priority
inside each group

Dashboard example

After you finish these 3 steps you will get link to dashboard where you will see visual analytics with descriptions.

Here is example of final dashboard with visual analytics

We believe that no idea exists in isolation.

That is why based on your categories we've woven these ideas into a network. It helps to contextualize each problem and idea, highlight their interconnections and offers a holistic view.

Use this network to explore all responses, discern patterns, and understand overarching concepts.

This visualization shows how everyone prioritized the ideas/issues, mapped onto the main network.

Use it to see what concerns people the most