Archipelag Team

Arseny Belorusets
Graduate of Moscow State University, completed postgraduate studies at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.
Specialist in organizational research and consulting.

Since 2005, he has been developing psychodiagnostic tools for HR, designing online testing and assessment systems. Expert in the methodology of developing tests of knowledge and professional competencies. Business trainer.
Daria Texmit
A graduate of KubSU, she completed her master's degree at Lancaster University (England).

For ten years he has been developing a variety of HR tools: from psychological tests and questionnaires to training programs. Extensive experience in design and research in both business and academic settings.

Possesses a sought-after international certificate in the field of human resources management (CIPD Diploma L5)
Aram Fomichev
Graduate of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Master of Psychology in the field of "Measurements in Psychology and Education."

Since 2012, he has been developing methods and algorithms for diagnosing socially desirable characteristics of employees.

Expert in the field of HR analytics, automation of assessment tools and implementation of technical solutions in HR business processes.
Egor Dorokhov
Graduate of Moscow State University, graduate student of the Department of Personality Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University.

Specialist in the development of tests and questionnaires, design of methodology for assessment tools, psychometric analyst.

Since 2016, he has been developing HR dashboards and building metrics for personnel assessment and development processes.
Sergey Dolgov
Graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute
British Higher School of Design and
Moscow Humanitarian University.

In the recent past - development director at Sberbank, Faberlic, Life, RMG.VC, SocialCraft.

Expert in the field of organization development,
communities and territories.

Projects led by Sergei received HR-Brand, Effie awards.
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